Sunday, October 19, 2008


A retraction from an earlier post, I'm not going to start new blogs for thesis and internship, I will write about those topics here. But stayed tuned, I now have a domain and hosting so I will have a portfolio website up soon.

I haven't taken an opportunity to write about my internship at The Band, a multi-platform media agency.
If I had fewer classes this semester I would spend much more time there as the atmosphere is great. The office is small and the in house staff are smart and upbeat folks. Everyone engages in a variety of spirited conversation on all topics, politics being a popular one currently. Levity plays a large part in some of these discussions and thankfully everyone maintains a sense of humor. Yes, much hard work does get accomplished in this setting.
The creative director Jared Wolf is an energetic designer whose brain seems at times to run at supersonic speed. He is very patient and encouraging as an intern mentor. He also is immensely helpful to me on my school related projects since he can brainstorm and problem solve quickly. Added bonus, he is an alumnus of UCD.
Check back for more.


Darn, I wish Colin Powell was a presidential candidate for any party. He served his country honorably for 40 years, so one can't blame him for not wanting the job. If most of congress had his common sense and integrity the US would be able to solve or avoid many of its economic and foreign policy problems.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

stream of...

The display on my little Nikon reads "lens error!" when I turn it on, very sad.

I'm trying to learn a bit about Flex. It makes sense when my instructor demonstrates it but now when I try to apply it I'm scratching my head. If I wanted to be a web programmer I think I could rule the world.

Still struggling with thesis. There is this invisible barrier. I know it is there but I'm drawn to it by some mysterious magnetic force. If I could articulate it visually in 3D it would be an interesting sight.