Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hello 2009

Yesterday was the 12th day of Christmas or Epiphany. It was also Miss V's birthday. I can't believe my better half's baby is now 20. The Oxford English Dictionary defines epiphany as "A manifestation or appearance of some divine or superhuman being." How cool to be born on 1/6. Perhaps I have been waiting for a revelation all these years and the literal version of it has been close to me all along.

I came across an illustrator while perusing a job hunting web newsletter for artists, ArtBistro. Penelope Dullaghan has a wonderful portfolio and blogsite. I like how she used her actual sketchbook/journal for her blog entry dated 010209. It seems most everyone, friends, family, and strangers alike, are all glad 2008 has passed. Adios and amen.

Note to my sis: No, I haven't found a job yet.