Thursday, June 5, 2008

random ramblings

It has been great not to be chained to the computer the last few days. This week I started summer semester of school. My one class is beginning Spanish. It is a refreshing change to be in a class with new faces instead of the usual suspects. The pace of the class is fast so I have to stay on my toes to keep up. I'm up to date on bookkeeping and Steve and I met with our accountant on Sunday to file taxes - hooray, what a relief to be done with those tasks.
Back in March I worked with Steve on custom coloring the concrete hearth and wine cooler floor at Tipsy's, a mega liquor store in Jeffco. I did not have an opportunity until yesterday to see the store since the grand opening. One side of the hearth is pictured in the photo above.
I have many art projects on my to do list. I have the beginnings of my own logo, a blog in progress for the train racing team (more to follow), and a preliminary outline for the thesis project with some sketches for a couple of the video storyboards. My resume and portfolio also require intensive attention.
I have also been posting to a daily photoblog the last month. Here's the link since there are now a some pics to view:
Random or Not