Saturday, May 24, 2008

Inspiring Impressionism

My sis and I finally made it to the DAM exhibition on the closing weekend. The concept seems like a no brainer, but hey, seeing a great selection of Impressionistic works along with Hals, Botticelli, Velasquez, Fragonard, etc., works for me. When I was a teenager I thought Renoir was it. As one becomes more educated and sophisticated (ha) tastes supposedly evolve. I was surprised how much I loved Renoir's Confidences and Monet's Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. Perhaps one gains more thoughtful appreciation for the things one likes upon first impression (no pun intended). Yes, these are particularly luminescent paintings. My sis and I always comment how much reproductions pale in comparison to originals. Conclusion: see art in person as much as possible.

Link to Getty Museum

Link to Portland Museum of Art

Saturday, May 10, 2008

installation fever

My thesis project is going to be a installation piece if I can work out the technical bugs.

I've been inspired by the sculpture work of Jen Stark among others.

See art by Jen Stark

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Digital Threads

I found an online project Digital Threads on the Textile of Museum of Canada's website. I'm thrilled to see alternative/interactive digitally based textile art.
Users are allowed to create their own image with elements from the art pieces. Here is mine, I made it quickly so I wouldn't obsess over it.

Go to Digital Threads website

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I borrowed Ellen Lupton's new book from the library Graphic Design the New Basics. I'll probably purchase it as it has great visual examples of design elements and principles. I've only read the intro and like Lupton's inclusion of transparency and layers as universal design elements that have emerged with the development of digital imaging tools.
I've always been interested in layers visually and conceptually. I can also easily spend time fiddling around with filters, blending modes, effects, etc., in software applications. Yes, it marks me as a newbie, but so what, I love to experiment.

A picture of the decorative glass ball from my garden - reflective and transparent.